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Nail files with text

Files with inscriptions: a creative gift for the master
Nail files are an indispensable element in the tool kit of every nail master. It is these small items that help to shape the g-nails, make their edges smooth, neat. Files are made from different materials, give them different shapes. But all of them in any case remain similar to each other. To make a set of tools not the same as everyone else, to give it individuality, to express the character of a nail service master through objects, you can use creative inscriptions on files. What are they? This is a simple solution that can transform even the most standard tools.

Files with inscriptions: choose to your taste

A nail file is just a nail file. But only until the moment when an unusual and eye-catching inscription appears on it. From that moment on, the file becomes unique, not like the others. Moreover, the inscriptions can be anything - from standard congratulations and wishes to humorous or cool phrases. In addition to text, a picture, a small drawing, or a pattern can be placed on the surface of the file. Such files are available for sale both in individual copies and in sets of several pieces. What are they needed for? There are several ways to use these tools:

  • this is a great gift for a nail service master from colleagues or clients;
    such files diversify the set of tools on the manicure table, attract attention, cause smiles;
  • nail files that differ from others will definitely not be lost among other people's tools.

Most often, files with inscriptions are bought precisely as a gift. This is a good and inexpensive gift for March 8, birthday, New Year or any other holiday. Nail files are inexpensive, while they definitely will not be superfluous in the arsenal of the master and will not get dusty on the shelf. This is a practical and useful gift that will be remembered.

You can pick up saws for every taste. When choosing a present, take into account the nature and temperament of the recipient, his habits, work style. A nail file with the inscription “You are a goddess” will definitely make the cheerful craftswoman laugh. For a serious and not humorous master, pick up files with neutral congratulations or wishes. You can give nail files not only to nail service masters, but also to their colleagues - makeup artist, stylist, hairdresser. Products with the corresponding inscriptions are also on sale.

Nail files with inscriptions will also be relevant for specialists of other profiles, because every girl takes care of her own hands and there is always a file in her purse. Let it be creative, unique, interesting. When choosing gifts for girlfriends on March 8, pay attention to this version of the present.

The range of files includes models with varying degrees of hardness, for natural and extended nails. For the production of products modern wear-resistant materials are used. Such tools can be disinfected, they are resistant to chemicals, heat treatment.

How to order files with inscriptions

In the catalog of ThePilochki online store you will find files with inscriptions on various topics. These are gift tools with cool, patriotic, congratulatory, neutral inscriptions and drawings. Choose by design and features. And if you have any questions, please contact us for help and additional information. You can order files online - delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.