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Cuticle scissors

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Manicure cannot be performed without the use of small sharp scissors. This tool is on sale in a wide range, although professionals distinguish only three large groups of products in this category. How to choose the scissors that meet your needs and not make a mistake?

Types of manicure scissors

All nail scissors, depending on their purpose, can be divided into three subgroups:

  • for nails;

  • for the cuticle;

  • universal.

Using nail scissors for nails is convenient to correct the shape of the edge of the nail plate. In the presence of rough edge defects, this is much more convenient than correction with just a file.

Cuticle scissors have thinner curved blades (nail scissors are most often straight, but there are also curved models). The stroke of the cuticle scissors blade is smoother, easier. They are convenient to treat the skin near the nail bed, remove burrs.

Universal scissors or manicure scissors for both nails and cuticles, as the name implies, can be used to solve all tasks. Most often, such a manicure tool is chosen for home use. Masters prefer to use special devices for each specific problem. Such scissors have a traditional slightly curved shape. Another option is a wide blade that abruptly turns into sharp narrow tips. The wider and denser part is used to trim the nail, and the narrow, elegant edges are used to work with the cuticle.

Manicure scissors: how to choose

The choice of manicure scissors should be made taking into account several parameters. The first of them is the quality and strength of the material used. ThePilochki company uses high-alloy medical steel for the production of manicure tools. Thanks to this, our tools can be repeatedly sharpened (while they retain sharpening for a long time), they are convenient to sterilize, disinfect. Such scissors are strong and durable.

The quality of the scissors is no less important. Carefully examine the cutting edges – there should be no steps, defects, and roughness on them. The blades should be smooth and well polished. Manual sharpening by the manufacturer is another plus in favor of the tool.

An important criterion for choosing manicure scissors is the smoothness of the stroke. It should not take much effort to close the scissors. The ends of the scissors should converge perfectly. The canvases should not touch – there is a small uniform free space between them.

Where to buy nail scissors

ThePilochki online store offers to buy manicure scissors online. Select a model in the catalog that meets your requirements for the tool, and place an order on the website. We have organized the delivery of products throughout Ukraine.

FAQ Cuticle scissors

The cost of professional cuticle scissors starts at 399 UAH.

These scissors differ in the size of the blade. It is thin and narrowed.

It is worth choosing scissors with an even sharpening, slightly rounded tip, made of medical steel and only in specialized stores.

ThePilochki manicure scissors are produced in Ukraine, in compliance with all existing standards of the nail industry.