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Disposable Nail Files

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The main rule of any nail design master is to ensure the safety of his clients. Only thoroughly sterilizing the instruments can guarantee it. If there are no problems with metal devices, then it is quite difficult to guarantee the sterility of nail files. That is why many salons use disposable nail files. It's easy-to-use tools that are immediately disposed of after operation.

There are many options for disposable nail files. They differ from each other in shape, size, degree of rigidity, purpose. Like their reusable counterparts, disposable nail files are used for correcting the shape of nails, polishing, and processing the nail bed. Many options are used complete with the base for the convenience of the master and to increase efficiency. Such files are convenient to hold in your hand, their density increases; the quality of nail processing improves. There are also simple paper-based nail files on sale, as well as disposable grinding wheels for pedicure.

The main advantages of disposable files:

  • cheapness – such tools are inexpensive;

  • security – each item is used only for one customer;

  • ease of use;

  • absence of necessity for long-term disinfection.

Each disposable nail file is in an individual package, which opens immediately before the master takes the tool to work.

How to choose a tool?

The disposable nail file is presented in different forms:

  • straight – universal, used for both manicure and pedicure;

  • in a boomerang form - conveniently placed in the hand, used to correct the shape of the nail;

  • in the form of a buff - used for grinding and polishing the nail plate.

A disposable nail file can have different stiffness. This parameter is measured in grits. The most rigid files (60-80 grit) are used for pedicure and work with extended nails, the softest (1200 grit) - for polishing nails. To work with natural nails, you should choose nail files with a hardness of no more than 240 grit, otherwise the risk of damaging the nail plate increases.

Where to buy disposable nail files and basics in Ukraine

Disposable nail file is a popular and in-demand product. In the ThePilochki online store, you will find different versions of this tool, as well as wholesale files. Select a product in the catalog that meets your expectations and place an order online. The store's consultants will help you choose products taking into account your requirements and features of use. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.

FAQ Disposable Nail Files

The cost of a disposable nail file starts at 4 UAH.

TOP-products: Replaceable files for a flat file 155 mm, Replaceable buffs for polishing nails 69 mm, Metal base for a crescent file 155 mm.

A disposable file can be of different shapes: straight, boomerang, or buff.

Disposable files are used only once, which 100% guarantees the safety of the client.