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Podo discs for pedicure

Disk type
Diameter of the disk, mm
Disk grain , grit
Buff grain , grit
Buff color

Foot care requires no less attention than manicure. Beautiful, well-groomed legs are the pride of every woman. Considering that, it is the legs that are subjected to the greatest stress during life, taking care of their health and beauty requires a lot of effort.

Pedicure involves not only applying a varnish coating on the nails. Treatment of the skin of the legs, feet, getting rid of keratinized layers, protection from cracks, painful calluses and elimination of their consequences – all this is the work of a qualified pedicure master. A special grinding technique helps specialists to cope with this task.

How to make a pedicure the safest procedure? Only using disposable grinding discs. Such products you can find now in a wide range and are actively used by masters of beauty salons.

Pedicure disc: varieties

What kind of pedicure discs can there be? Products are divided into several types according to criteria:

  • hardness and abrasiveness;

  • appointments;

  • density and size.

The size of the removable files is selected depending on the device used for pedicure and the diameter of the disk. Manicurists select the degree of hardness (type of abrasive) individually, taking into account the characteristics of the skin and the work performed by the master. As a rule, there are discs of all types of abrasiveness, suitable in size to the machine used, in the arsenal of professionals.

High-quality discs do not damage the skin, they are polished gently and carefully, they help to get rid not only of keratinized cells of the epidermis, but also of problems such as cracks, calluses, corns. The treated skin acquires a beautiful healthy color, becomes smooth and soft.

The bases for the discs are metal, which allows them to be sterilized, ensuring their safety. Removable files are disposable consumables, used only once and for each client the master opens the package with a new disk. Such consumables are inexpensive, and buying products online helps to reduce their price even more.

Where to buy pedicure discs

On the website of the ThePilochki online store, you will find removable disc files and pedicure discs in a wide assortment. On the pages of the resource, you can pick up the products you are interested in and make an online order in the required quantity (both retail and wholesale). Our consultants will help you make a choice and answer all your questions.

You can buy replacement files and discs for manicure from any locality in Ukraine. We have organized prompt delivery in all regions of the country.

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