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Instruments for manicure

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For a neat and safe manicure, you will need a number of tools. Of course, masters in salons use more items than women who prefer to take care of nails at home. However, even for a home manicure, it is worth buying at least a minimal set of devices. What will you need for nail care and how to choose the best products?

A variety of manicure tools

Among the abundance of tools for the manicure master are nail files and scissors, wire cutters, pushers, cutters, trimmers, buffs. In addition, there are many variations of instruments in each category. They vary in size, shape, and materials used for production. Which ones are exactly needed, and which ones can be dispensed with?

What tools are needed for a professional manicure

It is difficult to make one complete list of the tools necessary for a master to perform a high-quality manicure, because in each case it is needed to use different devices.

Therefore, for European care, you will not need scissors (which are used when performing the edging method). Cutting accessories are not relevant for hardware manicure either. Therefore, we can confidently say that the greatest number of tools will be required for the edged manicure.

The classic set includes:

  • nail file for correcting the shape of the nail;

  • wire cutters;

  • scissors;

  • trimmer is a special "fork" for cutting cuticles and burrs;

  • pusher is a double-sided tool for manicure (a spatula for pushing back the cuticle, most often supplemented with a cutting surface);

  • buff for processing the nail plate.

Of course, both nail files, and wire cutters, and buffs from a professional master are not available in a single copy. For example, the pusher is selected individually, depending on the shape of the nails. Nail files are selected by abrasiveness and in accordance with the relief and other features of the nail plate.

European manicure: requires a smaller set of tools. As a rule, these are orange sticks, nail file, abrasive pumice stone, buff.

Hardware method: use special tips of different shapes and with different abrasives.

What tools to buy for home manicure?

Do I need to be well versed in manicure tools if I plan to take care of my nails myself? It is important to understand that buying low-quality goods can lead to serious problems. When choosing tools, make sure that they comply with all norms and standards applicable to products of this category.

What tools for professional manicure can be used at home and without special skills? Among the most popular items:

  • nail files;

  • orange sticks;

  • buffs;

  • scissors and wire cutters.

You should not perform an edged manicure yourself – the risks of damaging the skin are too high and resulting in inflammation, irritation, infection of the wound. Therefore, many of the tools used by specialists, the same pushers and trimmers, you may never need.

Where to buy a manicure tool online

You will find a wide selection of tools for manicure in the catalog of the online store ThePilochki. Our products are selected in such a way that both professional masters and lovers of home nail service can replenish their arsenal of devices. You can order accessories for manicure tools online, accessories themselves and other products for the beauty and health of nails. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.

FAQ Instruments for manicure

The cost of quality manicure tools starts from 190 UAH.

On average, the tool needs to be sharpened at intervals from 2 weeks to 6 months.

For a manicure you need: a nail file, nippers, scissors, buff, pusher.

You can buy a professional manicure tool at ThePilochki online store.