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Replaceable nail and foot files

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Customer safety is foremost. In nail salons, careful sterilization of instruments and the use of disposable consumables helps to ensure it. More recently, the latter also included nail files, which cannot be sterilized. Today, salons and manicurists can reduce the cost of purchasing files, because practical and convenient devices have appeared on sale - the basis for disposable files.

Replaceable disposable files for nail files are inexpensive, and in use they are in no way inferior to reusable analogues. Such strips with an abrasive are fixed on a ceramic or metal base, so that they are convenient to hold in your hand. It is comfortable to work with such a tool, the quality of nail treatment does not suffer, and the costs are minimal. At the same time, safety is guaranteed, because the master uses an individual set of files for each client.

What are the replacement files for nail file

Replaceable files for disposable nail files are classified according to several parameters:

  • degree of rigidity (abrasiveness);

  • shape and size;

  • density.

According to the degree of rigidity, a removable file for a nailfile can be as different as a reusable nail file. There are options with minimal abrasiveness used for polishing and grinding nail plates, there are hard files for correcting extended nails, pedicure.

The form of the files is also selected individually depending on the upcoming work. On sale, you can find classic rectangular and oval disposable files, products in the form of a banana, a drop, a sword. There are many options for replaceable files for nail files - as a rule, they are presented in all variety in the working arsenal of the master.

The density of the files can be thin or foam-based. Usually masters use denser, "thick" pads for delicate work – grinding, polishing, finishing nail treatment. Thin files are not intended for long-term use and are most often used for correction at the first stages of nail design.

Where to buy replacement files for nail files

A large selection of replaceable files for grater or disposable nail files can be found in the catalog of the ThePilochki online store. The site presents products in different versions of abrasiveness, density, shapes and sizes, so you can pick up any set of replaceable files. Place an order online and we will contact you to clarify the details. You can buy replacement files from anywhere in Ukraine – we have organized prompt delivery of goods across the country.