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Reusable Nail Files for feet

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Pedicure file: features of the choice of tools

Women attach special importance to foot care. A variety of tools and accessories are involved in the process of transforming the legs, among which one of the most important places is occupied by a reusable nail file for pedicure.

The pedicure process itself involves several simple steps, including thorough cleansing of the feet, getting rid of calluses, a roughened layer of skin, processing ingrown nails, giving the nails a beautiful shape, using a varnish coating. The skin treated with nail files is covered with a cream with a moisturizing or nourishing effect, thanks to which it acquires softness, becomes a tender, beautiful color, pleasant to the touch.

Advantages of reusable pedicure nail files

Graters and foot files can be both reusable and disposable. Moreover, if the latter are most often used in salons (for each client – a separate set of files), then reusable nail files are convenient for use at home or provided they are frequently disinfected.

What attracts women to reusable files?

Among the main advantages of this type of accessory:

  • a wide range of products, including nail files with different abrasives on the surface, of different shapes and sizes;

  • abrasion resistance – such files can be used for a long time;

  • resistance to moisture and disinfectants;

  • a large selection of designs.

The choice of reusable pedicure files is really wide. They differ in the presence of abrasive on one or two sides, the area of the working surface, the price, the shape (there are rectangular files, narrow for nails, hard and soft). Thanks to such a variety of models, it will not be a problem to choose a file for working with legs in a very different condition.

What kind of pedicure file should I order?

Nail files for pedicure should be selected in the store, focusing on several important criteria. The future owner should be comfortable working with the tool, so it is worth considering the shape and size of the accessory. It is important to choose the right stiffness of the product – it is best to buy several files for different purposes – working with the skin on the heels, removing calluses, and processing nails. If you have doubts when choosing tools, ask questions to the store's consultant. With the help of a specialist, it will be much easier to make a choice.

Where to buy a reusable pedicure file

ThePilochki reusable nail files store offers to order pedicure files online. The catalog contains a variety of foot files – our website will help you purchase a full set of tools to make your feet proud! ThePilochki's products meet the most modern quality standards, while being inexpensive. We will help you when choosing a product for yourself or work. If you have any questions, write or call us.

Delivery of products is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine.