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Cuticle nippers

Blade length
Steel grade
Tool type
Handle shape

Nail clippers for cuticles are one of the mandatory tools for performing edged manicure. These practical and convenient tweezers have very sharp blades, thanks to which they cut off thin skin without stretching or injuring it.

High-quality cuticle cutters are made of stainless medical steel. Such a tool can be repeatedly sterilized, disinfected, it keeps sharpening well, is durable and reliable. However, when choosing cuticle clippers (which are also called skin clippers), you should pay attention not only to what they are made of.

Criteria for choosing good clippers

In addition to the quality of the material, it is worth considering other parameters, including:

  • smooth running;

  • cutting edge length;

  • handle length;

  • the quality of sharpening blades.

Why is the smoothness of the blade stroke important? This tool is used for the treatment of delicate and thin skin. If the course is too tight, you can injure yourself or the client. The best option for wire cutters is with a double spring between the handles. No less high-quality are single-spring clippers – they are less susceptible to damage.

The length of the cutting surfaces of cuticle cutters can be from 4 to 12 mm. When choosing clippers, it is worth focusing on the thickness of the cuticle and the size of the nail. For the treatment of wide nail plates, you can buy a leather case with a longer blade.

What should be the length of the wire cutters handles? Clippers according to this parameter are selected individually. The longer the fingers of the master, the more convenient it is to work with wire cutters with long handles. Girls with a small finger length can choose a tool with standard handles or models with elongated handles.

The sharpening of the blades should be good and this parameter is one of the most important. Skinnies should not tear the skin, leave burrs, and cause pain. Their task is to cut off excess skin carefully, quickly and smoothly.  Give preference to tools with a manual type of sharpening. For these purposes, manufacturers use a diamond disc. The service life of such a tool is more than 3 years. Remember - the quality of manicure and its safety largely depend on how sharp and good your tool is.

Where to buy leather goods with delivery in Ukraine

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