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Bases and tops

Type of gel polish

In most cases, a manicure with gel polish involves applying three layers of funds - colored varnish, base and top for gel polish.

The base for gel polish is a substance that helps to make the relief of the nail smooth, protecting the nails from getting into their structure of bright-pigmented gel polish. The base serves as a bonding element between the decorative layer and the nail.

The base is superimposed on the nail plates processed by the master, after which it undergoes polymerization in a lamp. A colored gel varnish is applied to the hardened layer, which is covered with a top after drying. Such a three-phase coating is worn for a long time and is not susceptible to mechanical damage. The base helps to simulate the correct shape of the nail plate, increasing its thickness. The use of a gel polish base allows you to make the coating more durable and resistant, protecting the nails from destruction.

Which base for gel polish to choose?

Professional manicure masters most often choose a rubber base. It has a thick texture, thanks to which it lies on the nail in an even layer. Such a substance provides good adhesion of the gel and nail, and protects the nails. Thanks to the texture of such a formula, the master can easily correct the shape of the nail, bringing it to anatomically correct.

The base for gel polish can be:

  • leveling - has a dense consistency and serves to change the relief of the nail plate, helps to hide cracks on the nail, grooves, to achieve an ideal surface;

  • color - due to its light shade, it is most often used when creating a "French" manicure.

The basics and composition differ. As a rule, the masters choose the base, focusing on the features of the nail and the goal being pursued.

Among the popular options for bases are rubber, silicone, acrylic, gel, with vitamins, water-based. Water bases are absolutely safe, they strengthen nails, but are not used as a base for gel polish. Most often, such substances are applied under a conventional coating that does not require drying in a lamp.

Bases with vitamins are used to solve problems such as brittleness, delamination, and too thin nails. The formulas of such products are saturated with vitamin E and help strengthen the nails.

Gel-based bases are considered a universal 3-in-1 option. They are used for single-phase manicure, acting as a base, varnish and top at the same time. Such tools are less resistant to external influences, but they are easy to use.

Acrylic powder, complete with a traditional base, is used for building up. The powder can be transparent, white or colored.

The silicone base for gel polish is removed without the risk of injuring the nail. This innovative coating is often used on thin, brittle nails or in cases when a woman does not want to expose her nails to aggressive external influences.

What can be a top for gel polish

One of the main differences between the proposals is the presence or absence of a sticky layer. This dispersion layer is necessary to strengthen the adhesion of different textures to each other.

Classic top - substance with a sticky layer. It has a more viscous and viscous consistency, after polymerization in the lamp, it needs to be treated with a special solution to remove the excess sticky layer.

The finish coating without a sticky layer does not need further processing after drying. The consistency of such tops is more liquid, fluid. Using a top without dispersion allows you to save on consumables, because this coating does not require the use of special solvent solutions.

The rubber-based top is viscous and viscous. It provides a uniform coating of the nail, creates a reliable protective dense layer that prevents yellowing of the manicure, protects from external influences, and provides the effect of self-leveling of the nail plate.

Finishing coatings are also distinguished by the final effect. The top can provide a matte or glossy result. The matte top coating makes the nails velvety, softens the too bright colors of the varnish. It can be used for application to the entire surface of the nail or partially for nail design.

Tops with sequins provide shine to the manicure. Small sparkling particles in the top for gel polish cover the surface of the nail and make it possible not to use additional powder for radiance.

Top gel for gel polish can be with additional properties, for example, with UV protection. This is the optimal coating option for the hot period of the year, when the nails are exposed to sunlight most of the day.

Universal product - top and base 2 in 1. Such a coating is applied both under the gel polish and as a finishing layer. Buying a top 2 in 1 will save money and simplify the creation of a manicure.

Where to buy a base and top for gel polish?

Today, you can buy any base and top for gel polish online. You will find a wide selection of products for home and salon use in the ThePilochki online store. Choose a product that meets your expectations and order it with delivery. We accept orders from all over Ukraine.