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Wooden nail files for a gift


Wooden nail files: a stylish gift for a woman

A wooden nail file for a gift is a stylish and useful gift for any woman. Such an accessory is always needed, because it will help to maintain a manicure in perfect condition without the help of professionals and visiting the salon. Small defects of natural and extended nails are easily eliminated with a medium-hardness nail file. ThePilochki manicure accessories store offers you to purchase these tools.

One of the important properties of wooden files is their resistance to deterioration. The nail file itself is a wooden plate on which a layer with an abrasive for nail treatment is fixed. You can make a choice from several options of nail files – the store's assortment includes products with a hardness of 180 and 240 grit.

Wooden files with an inscription will be a pleasant gift for nail studio clients. Such an inexpensive, but very useful gift will remain in the girl's memory and remind her of the need for the next visit to the master.

You can give nail files to friends, colleagues, relatives. Think about holiday gifts in advance!

Using wooden nail files will help:

  • facilitate nail care in any situation;

  • improve the quality of manicure at home;

  • to give a fashionable shape to nails with just one tool;

  • always be fully prepared.

Gift files made of wood are not inferior in their characteristics to files made of other materials, but they look very impressive. Their main task is not to attract attention, but to help when creating a manicure. However, such nail files also successfully fulfill their marketing role.

 For what purposes can a wooden file be used? Given the average degree of rigidity of the product, it is not necessary to use it for grinding and polishing nails – buy a soft buff for this. Nail files 180 and 240 grit are suitable for correcting the shape of nail plates and processing the free edge of the nail. They are convenient both for working with natural nails and for the design of artificial nails. Wooden nail files are eco-friendly, very durable, comfortable in the hand. The only nuance that needs to be taken into account is that they are not amenable to disinfection, so they are suitable only for individual use.

How to order nail files made of wood with an inscription for manicure

It is very easy to order wooden nailfiles for salon clients or girlfriends. To make a purchase, specify the number of purchased copies of nail files and wishes for decoration (an inscription can be applied to the wooden surface). Each nail file will be placed in an individual package.

 You can order a gift nail file made of wood not only in Kiev. Delivery of products is carried out exactly on time and is possible throughout the territory of Ukraine. For our customers – favorable terms of cooperation, reasonable prices for the entire range of products and assistance in choosing manicure accessories.