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Replaceable Files for Podo-Disks

Disk type
Diameter of the disk, mm
Disk grain , grit
Buff grain , grit
Buff color

Removable files on pedicure discs

The use of removable files for pedicure discs is an excellent way to simplify the work of the master and protect the salon's customers. Such disposable abrasive stickers are fixed on the base (metal circle) and are used to treat the skin of the feet. The removable files to disks are available in different sizes. Choosing such stickers should be guided by the rigidity of the file (the degree of abrasiveness of the upper layer) and the type of manipulation performed. So, to remove rough protruding calluses, a disk with a larger grain size will be required than for finishing polishing the skin.

It is worth buying a replacement file for a pedicure grater for several reasons:

  • such products are disposable and do not pose a danger to customers;

  • after removing the file, you can sterilize the metal disk, because it is not afraid of moisture and high temperatures;

  • replaceable files are inexpensive, which means that you can buy products with different parameters for use complete with the same metal base.

The online store ThePilochki offers to buy a removable disk (one-time file) in the assortment. This is an ideal choice of tools for the treatment of all areas of the foot, which will ensure the safety and high quality of the pedicure. Order the replacement files you need online and we will deliver them anywhere in Ukraine. In the catalog of the site you will find pads of different stiffness and different diameters. If you have any difficulties when choosing a product, ask questions to the site consultant. We will help you make the best choice.