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Replaceable nail buffers

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Replaceable buffs for nail files

There are a variety of nail files and buffs in the arsenal of mandatory tools of the nail art master.

If nail files, in most cases, are used for filing nails, shaping them, then buffs are designed to perform work that is more delicate:

  • polishing the surface of the nail at the final stage of manicure;

  • filing the edge of the nail to give perfect smoothness;

  • polishing of nail plates;

  • correction of the corners of the free edge of the nail.

A replaceable buff is a disposable consumable that is used only once for one client, after which it is disposed of. There are several varieties of such an accessory. They differ in shape, length, and degree of abrasiveness of spraying. Focusing only on the appearance of the buff will be difficult to choose. Carefully study the information provided by the manufacturer. Therefore, depending on the value indicated in the Grit, it will be easy to choose a buff for different purposes (polishing, grinding, and correction).

Replaceable manicure buffs for the nail studio master can be different in shape. Rectangular products in the form of a bar are considered universal. They are easy to perform all types of work. Buffs with a curved one side are an invariable attribute of the master during correcting the shape of the nail and processing the nail bed. Thanks to this form, you do not have to make a large number of movements that can contribute to the separation of the nail or damage it. Small buffs with a very delicate abrasive are suitable for grinding - giving the nails a radiant appearance and perfect smoothness, due to which the fingers will look well-groomed even without a varnish coating.

Replaceable buffs are one of the most popular products of the manicure accessories store. They help to ensure the safety of customers, are hygienic, and are inexpensive.

How to use replaceable disposable buffs?

To use them, you need to buy a special base made of steel or acrylic. Buffs of varying degrees of rigidity can be attached to its surface on both sides. Due to the presence of the adhesive side, the pads fit snugly and hold well on the base. Metal or acrylic increases the rigidity of such a file, it is convenient to work with, it does not slip out of your hands, does not bend. After the work with the client is completed, the replaceable buffs are removed from the base and disposed of. The base is disinfected.

Where to buy a disposable buff

ThePilochki online store offers to buy a replacement nail buff. On the website, you will find accessories at an affordable price, characterized by high quality and variety. Make an order online by making delivery to a convenient pick-up point for you. You can order a replacement buff in Ukraine from any locality – we carry out fast shipment of products through postal companies.