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Metal basics for nail files

Nail file form
Nail file size

Reusable base for a metal nail file

The work of the nail salon master is inextricably linked with ensuring the safety of customers. During the service, it is important to protect visitors from the possibility of infection with dangerous diseases transmitted through the blood. When using cutting tools and there is a high risk of skin damage, the only chance to complete the task is to use carefully sterilized or disposable tools.

Sterilization of the bases for nail files is possible only if they are made of metal. This type of tool is as convenient as possible – the base itself can be placed in a sterilizer to ensure its safety, and the pads with an abrasive can be used disposable (for each client – a separate set). This approach is the key to the health of all visitors to the beauty salon.

What kind of metal base to buy for files? Choose a steel product based on several criteria:

  • the shape of the nail file – it will vary depending on the purpose (pedicure files, for example, wider);

  • the type of handle – it should fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, not slip;

  • the price you are willing to pay for the tool.

Today, you can order a metal base for files in a different cost range. These can be both budget products and quite expensive branded goods.

ThePilochki online store offers to buy the bases for metal nail files. Such an acquisition will simplify the process of disinfection of the instrument. Complete with the basics, be sure to buy disposable pads with adhesive film. After use, they are disposed of. It is possible to disinfect the bases using special means, bases or sterilization.

Select the accessories that meet your requirements from the catalog and order them online. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.