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Reusable nail file

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A variety of manicure tools: reusable nail file

There is a nail file in every girl's makeup bag. This simple uncomplicated tool comes to the rescue in a variety of situations - it helps in preparing for nail design, is used to adjust the shape of nails, helps to get rid of defects of the free edge of the nail. The nail file can be used anywhere – in the car salon, at home, at a party, in the office, in the park. As a rule, when choosing such a file for individual home use, not too much attention is paid to the features of the product itself. Nevertheless, for use in nail art studios, masters select files in accordance with the criteria of convenience and proper purpose.

Reusable nail file: features of choice

A reusable nail file for manicure is not necessarily a rigid metal file. Such tools are less and less used for nail care, because their use is associated with a high risk of damage to the nail plate. Among the most comfortable modern options of raw materials for files are glass, crystal, acrylic, textiles with spraying.

You can order a reusable nail file in Ukraine online. In this case, you will not be able to hold it in your hand. Study the features of different variants of reusable nailfiles.

Reusable plastic nail files are budget-friendly and practical. They are quite gentle when processing nails, which makes it possible to use them to correct fragile thin natural nails.

Glass nail files are eco-friendly, very soft in operation, durable. They are easy to disinfect and can be applied a huge number of times.

Ceramic nail files are an ideal choice for processing layered nails, sealing their edges. The fine abrasive of such nail files helps to sand the slightest irregularities.

Laser nail files can be used not only to work with the nail, but also to process the cuticle. They are convenient, versatile, but expensive.

The best option in the price-quality ratio is reusable files made of multilayer material with spraying. Among the main advantages: a

  • wide range of degrees of rigidity;

  • affordable price;

  • variety of models in shape;

  • wear-resistant coating;

  • possibility of disinfection.

Buying a reusable nail file is always the right decision. Such nail files can be used in combination with the use of different manicure techniques. Select the product, focusing on its shape, the degree of abrasiveness of the surface, the cost.

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