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Nail Clippers

Among the variety of manicure tools there are those that are used only by professionals, and there are those that should be bought for use at home. We are talking about nail clippers – a convenient and practical tool for correcting the edge of the nail plate, cutting the cuticle and solving other manicure tasks.

There is far more than one version of wire cutters in the product range. Which ones are the best to choose? To begin with, it is worth understanding what kind of wire cutters there are and what they are used for.

What are professional nail clippers?

Several variants of tools are available for sale:

  • cuticle clippers;

  • nail clippers;

  • ingrown nail clippers.

Cuticle clippers differ from analogues in a more elegant design. Their blades are thin, sharp, designed to perform precise work. Without professional skills, you should not use such a tool – you can easily damage thin skin, which will lead to the development of an inflammatory process. It is better to replace the wire cutters with scissors – it is more convenient to use them.

Nail clippers are a large group of products, which include tools for manicure, pedicure, for working with ingrown nails. Such accessories are more massive than cuticle models. Pedicure pliers have elongated blades, which makes them convenient to work with even rough dense nail plates and ingrown nails. One of the varieties of nail clippers is knipser. It is safe and convenient to use, helps to avoid delamination of nail plates.

How to choose the best cuticle or nail clippers

Professional nail clippers for ingrown nails, for nails on hands and feet, for working with cuticles, nail clippers for artificial nails – how to choose a really useful, convenient and durable option among such a variety of offers? Stick to a few rules.

When choosing nail clippers for cutting nails or cuticles, consider:

  • the material from which they are made;

  • features of blades;

  • smooth running;

  • price.

The optimal solution is a tool made of high-alloy medical steel with a smooth and uniform stroke. If the wire cutters are compressed and divorced tightly, the hands will quickly get tired. Too easy a move is the reason for the increase in the number of injuries. Choose a product whose manufacturer has taken care of consumer safety.

To treat cuticles and thin nails, choose a model with thin blades. For cutting rough nails and pedicures, it is better to buy wire cutters with more powerful cutting surfaces.

The price of products most often corresponds to their quality. If you want to buy a good tool, do not skimp. Moreover, it is possible to spend a smaller amount by buying high quality and reliable wire cutters.

Buying nail clippers in an online store

Using nail clippers for cutting nails, you ensure a good quality of the cut of the nail plate and the absence of notches, roughness, and defects on it. Order the tool online – this way you will save money, time and effort, while you will certainly purchase high-quality products. You will find nail clippers and cuticles at a bargain price in the ThePilochki online store. You can buy manicure tools with delivery in Ukraine.

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