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Sterilization is a mandatory step in working with any medical instrument. And manicure accessories are no exception, because nail treatment always carries the risk of injury and infection. How to sterilize instruments correctly? For the convenience of a person and to increase the efficiency of the procedure, craft bags were created - small bags for placing manicure accessories in them for the purpose of further processing in a sterilizer.

What to buy Kraft bags for sterilization

There are many varieties of craft packages. They are universal, for steam or air sterilization, vary in size and shape. Today you can  buy kraft bags for sterilization :

  • white or brown;

  • with and without indicators;

  • with graphs printed on the surface to indicate the time of use;

  • with different sealing options;

  • with different shelf life of the sterile package.

The size and other characteristics of a craft bag should be selected taking into account the characteristics of the instruments to be sterilized. Depending on the type of product sealing, the shelf life of the processed bag will differ. So, least of all, you can store a bag with tools, which is closed with ordinary paper clips (up to 3 days), the longest - with double packaging and thermo-soldering (up to 60 days). For the treatment of manicure tools, in most cases, bags with an adhesive sealing strip are used. Sterilized instruments can be used within 20 days.

How to use craft bags for sterilization

The sterilization process involves several stages:

  • preparation of instruments, including their cleaning and packaging in a kraft bag;

  • applying data about the content, date and time of processing to the package;

  • placing sealed products in an autoclave or oven;

  • checking the quality of sterilization (the color of the sensors on the bags must correspond to the one declared by the manufacturer);

  • packages without sensors must be completed with indicators (you can buy and put them inside each craft package with a transparent wall);

  • Kraft bags are not reusable!

A large number of instruments can be sterilized in this way at the same time. In one package, as a rule, they put accessories of the same type or selected sets for a manicure or pedicure. If necessary, the master opens the package in compliance with aseptic measures and removes the tools he needs for work. The package is disposed of, the instruments are sterilized after work in a new package.

You can sterilize manicure tools without kraft bags, but you should know that in this case you will have to take them into work no later than 60 minutes after processing. The use of kraft bags makes it possible to sterilize a large number of accessories in advance and simplify the work for several days in advance.

Where to buy craft bags for sterilization in Ukraine

Kraft bags for sterilization are  offered by ThePilochki online store  . In the website catalog you will find products that meet the norms and standards for goods in this category. You can purchase the required number of craft packages online by filling out an application on the website. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine.