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Gel nail polish

Type of gel polish

Beautiful well-groomed hands are a woman's business card. The hands are what people around pay attention to primarily. Care involves not only taking care of the skin, nutrition, moisturizing the integuments, protecting them, but also creating a beautiful, resistant to external factors manicure. Today, all the necessary tools and means are available for these purposes. In addition, one of the indispensable elements of modern manicure (and pedicure) is gel polish.

What is gel polish?

Shellac (or gel polish) is one of the best developments of the American concern CND. The popularity of gel lacquers is growing every year, both among technicians and among consumers. Moreover, this is not surprising – the material has a number of advantages over conventional coatings.

Gel polish consists of two components - gel and nail polish, thanks to which it acquires those properties for which it is appreciated by fashionistas.

Today, gel varnishes of various colors and textures are on sale, among which there are matte and glossy options, abounding in radiance and special design tools. The range of lacquers themselves is huge, and there are many options for their use. In recent years, gel polish has confidently displaced analogues by many criteria - both in terms of demand by consumers and quality.

What is the secret of gel lacquers?

In many ways, their functionality is due to the features of the composition, which contains:

  • photo initiator

  • film-forming fraction;

  • diluent;

  • fillers;

  • supplements;

  • pigments.

This formula provides fast drying of the coating under the influence of LED lamps, high strength of the decorative layer, resistance to mechanical stress, density, brightness, and texture durability. In addition, many gel varnishes help to take care of the nail plate, strengthening and revitalizing it.

Are gel varnishes safe?

There is an opinion that the "gel" coating has a bad effect on the condition of the nail plate. It is not like that! Nails deteriorate not because of the fact that gel nail polish is applied to them, but because hygiene is violated, diseases are present. Bacteria and viruses, a lack of vitamins, macro-micro elements in the body are influenced on the condition of nails. A properly selected gel polish will help strengthen the nails, saturate them with useful substances, and protect them from external destructive effects.

Features of gel lacquers

Using gel polish, you get many advantages:

  • there are no toxic components in the composition of the products, thereby minimizing the risk of allergies and irritations;

  • gel polish is characterized by high rates of durability - the coating can last on the nails for an average of 2 weeks, and more often - even longer;

  • gel polish does not lose its color brightness, shine, retains its attractiveness after exposure to water, ultraviolet light;

  • the coating is resistant to various influences – it can be used to wash dishes, wash, work on a computer, etc.;

  • it is very easy to apply the coating;

  • the products do not have a sharp unpleasant smell;

  • peeling of the varnish is unlikely;

  • to dry the coating, it is necessary to use a special lamp.

Lamps for drying gel polish can be bought everywhere. For example, you can order a model you like in terms of functionality and price in an online store. Due to the availability of the coatings themselves and the equipment for their application, you can make a beautiful and lasting manicure yourself, without contacting specialists.

How to use gel varnishes: application rules

Gel polish can be used in different ways. Among the most popular methods:

  • three-phase - a base layer is applied (base for gel polish), a color coating, a finishing layer;

  • two-phase – only two layers of coating are applied: base + gel or gel + top;

  • single-phase – only one universal product is used, combining the functions of all three layers - base, gel polish and top.

What will you need to apply a gel coating at home? A set of manicure tools, UV or LED lamp for drying, antiseptic, degreaser (alcohol is possible), special liquid for removing the sticky layer, tools for removing varnish (orange sticks, discs, foil), hand oil, the varnish itself, base, top. You can buy all these items, as well as nail files, without leaving home.

Where to buy gel polish

A large assortment of bases for varnishes and gel polishes is presented in the online store ThePilochki. You will find high-quality products in the catalog and will be able to give preference to a gel polish that meets all your expectations. You can make an order online. We carry out delivery throughout Ukraine.

FAQ Gel nail polish

The cost of a professional gel polish starts at 179 UAH.

A high-quality gel polish should be bought only in specialized stores, where you can see the reviews of buyers who bought this product.

The most popular colors are red, white, black and nude colors.

TOP-products: Set of gel varnishes "Autumn", Gel varnish for French service "Heavenly azure", Gel varnish "Ecru".