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Acrylic basics for nail files

Nail file form
Nail file size

Acrylic base for a file: product features and advantages

A set of a base for a file and replaceable files is an up-to-date choice of tools that will ensure high quality manicure and the safety of clients of the nail salon master. Such products are practical and convenient – the acrylic base for the nail file can be disinfected, and the removable disposable abrasive part can be disposed of.

What are acrylic bases good for? They are durable and easy to operate:

  • they are not subject to destruction under the influence of external factors, including water, ultraviolet;

  • they can be disinfected using special means and solutions, in a frying cabinet;

  • they provide high density and strength of the file, so that the filing of both natural and artificial nails occurs with high accuracy.

Every manicure and pedicure master should buy a reusable acrylic base (a base for disposable pads). It is very easy to use it - it is enough to have a stock of disposable abrasive nail files. They are glued to the base, and they are easily removed and disposed of after use. This approach to nail care will help to avoid infection in case of cuts, skin damage. The basics are available in different versions - they differ in size, length, shape. Choose the ones that are right for you to work with.

Do you want to save and reduce your shopping time? ThePilochki online store offers to order a disposable acrylic base online. Select the product that meets your requirements on the website and fill out a simple order form. Delivery of products is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine.