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Colored gel - polishes


How to choose a colored gel polish

To always remain charming, a woman must take care of herself. Moreover, hands and, in particular, nails are the subject of close attention of others. A neat and stylish manicure will be able to complete a delicate image and emphasize your elegance

To create a fashionable coating, it is worth buying a colored gel polish - a tool that will remain on the nails for several weeks. The range of such products is quite wide – it includes varnishes of various shades and with different finishing effects.

What color gel polish should I order? These can be bright neon shades, laconic restrained colors in the "office" range, passionate red tones, and delicate pink or pastel solutions. How to choose the best gel polish and not make a mistake? Carefully study not only the shade of the coating, but also its properties.

Advantages of gel varnishes: they are

  • easily applied to the nail plate;

  • they last up to 4 weeks (without defects);

  • create an even and smooth coating;

  • they are easily removed without the need for cutting.

A good gel polish has a comfortable consistency for application (not liquid, but not dense). Pay attention to the features of its application when choosing. Therefore, ordinary varnishes require the use of a base and a top for fixing (three-phase varnishes). Nevertheless, there are also universal options on sale that combine the capabilities of all three means.

The use of a high-quality gel coating will help to make a beautiful manicure, but this is not the only tool of the master taking part in the procedure.

In addition to nail polish, you will need (if you want to get a manicure at home):

  • degreaser;

  • drying lamp;

  • top and base coverage;

  • means for removing the sticky layer;

  • manicure tools, nail art brushes.

Give preference to a product from a well-known manufacturer, study product reviews, and compare the characteristics of different offers. Fashion industry professionals pay attention to the consistency of the varnish – it should not leak or be too thick (otherwise, difficulties may arise when applying). Read the composition of the varnish and make sure that there are no dangerous components in it.

Where to buy colored gel varnishes

ThePilochki color gel polish store offers stylish modern varnishes in different shades for home and salon use. Among the reasons for ordering gel polish in different colors from us are affordable prices, high quality lacquers in work and wear, long-term preservation of the appearance of the coating on the nails, convenient purchase service and delivery throughout Ukraine. How to buy colored gel varnishes with delivery in Ukraine? Leave a request on the website or call us to place an order.