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Files for unedged manicure

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Nail files for uncut manicure

Every woman decides for herself what manicure to prefer. Among the fair sex, there are adherents of both classical and uncut manicure. It is believed that the uncut care injures the nail plate less, helps to protect the nail from damage and diseases caused by it. Uncut manicure helps to give the nails a well-groomed look without cutting the cuticle, but by moving it to the nail growth zone.

What tools help to make an uncut manicure? You can give up the scissors for the cuticle, because the skin will not have to be cut off. The procedure involves the use of orange sticks, baths, and a special tool for uncut manicure, which should be bought to soften the skin. An equally relevant tool for ensuring the quality of the process is a nail file for an uncut manicure – you can buy different models for processing the cuticle and the tip of the nail.

How to use a nail file for an uncut manicure? These tools are used in the process of "dry" manicure, when the cuticle is cut off without preliminary softening. To remove dead skin particles, make careful movements with a nail file from the ends of the cuticle to its center. With this method of use, the skin and nail plate are not injured, only the unnecessary layer of the epidermis is removed, the nails acquire a beautiful well-groomed appearance.

A nail file for a European manicure can be of two types:

  • laser is a metal tool with engraving on the surface, characterized by durability, high abrasiveness, excellent quality of work;

  • ceramic – used for gentle cuticle removal, helps to treat even very fragile nails.

The use of nail files for the cuticle allows you to remove cutting and traumatic tools from manicure procedures. Regardless of the material used and the shape of the nail file, such tools do not damage the nail plate, do not injure the skin, and provide a beautiful and smooth manicure. Removing cuticles from fingers is much easier than using softeners and sticks or scissors.

You can buy everything for an uncut manicure online

In the online store of ThePilochki company, you can buy files for uncut manicure, as well as other manicure tools for European and edging procedures. In the catalog, you will find the best offers from a Ukrainian manufacturer that will help turn a routine into a pleasant and safe procedure. Taking care of the beauty of nails, do not forget about their health. Choose high-quality and safe tools.

How to order files? Use the order form on the website or call us. Delivery of products is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine.