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Disposable nail files

Nail file grain , grit
Buff grain , grit

Replaceable nail file: types and features of the tool

Any manicure and pedicure should be, primarily, safe. It would seem impossible to cope with this task without thorough disinfection and sterilization. Nevertheless, today there is an inexpensive and fast alternative to the permanent processing of tools – the use of replaceable devices for the processing and decoration of nail plates.

Scissors for manicure, nail clippers, spatulas and other tools that have serious requirements for sharpness of sharpening, hardness, accuracy of shapes, it is impractical to make replaceable. They are made of steel alloy and there are no problems with sterilization. Nevertheless, nail files for manicure and pedicure are one of the most commonly used consumables; manicurists may use it once. Such tools are inexpensive, convenient and precisely safe. You can buy a replacement manicure or pedicure nail file today in any form and with varying degrees of rigidity.

What can be a replaceable nail file for manicure and pedicure?

In stores, disposable nail files are presented in a wide range. What are these products? As a rule, this is an abrasive, fixed on a paper basis with the adhesive base. From contact with water and high temperature, the material is subject to destruction, so this type of tool specialist uses only once.

What kind of replacement to order for manicure? Make a choice based on the features of the application:

  • to care for natural nails, you will need a file with a softer coating than for cutting off the extended nails, shaping them, correcting;

  • nail files with the least rigidity are used for filing the nail bed, polishing, and polishing the nail plate;

  • the shape of the file varies depending on the purpose, rectangular models are universal, square buffs are used for finishing polishing, curved nail files are used to correct the free edge of the nail.

Manicurists most often purchase disposable nail files for manicure immediately in bulk quantities. Firstly, it is cheaper, and secondly, this approach will always allow you to have a stock of accessories at hand. You can also buy nail files as a nice present - such a gift will definitely be in place.

Where to buy replacement nail files

Do you want to buy a replacement nail file for manicure in Ukraine with delivery? Order the tools in the desired version and quantity online on the website of the ThePilochki online store. In addition to this category of products on the market pages, you will also find other devices that simplify nail care and help in creating an elegant female image.