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Reusable nail files

Type of nail file
Nail file form
Nail file grain , grit
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Buff grain , grit
Buff color

Reusable nail files: types and features of tool selection

Nail file is one of the simplest tools for nail care. A strip with an abrasive coating can have a different appearance and shape, size, and stiffness. In the arsenal of manicure and pedicure products, every girl will have at least one reusable nail file, and the masters in the salons have many more such tools.

Reusable nail file varieties differ from their disposable counterparts by several criteria. This type of product can be used repeatedly, which means that it must maintain its quality during sterilization.

Reusable nail files are made of metal, glass, crystal, and ceramics. Products with abrasive spraying on a paper basis are not suitable for use by specialists in nail studios, because they cannot be sterilized.

Modern reusable nail files can be made of other materials. Thus, innovative technologies make it possible to produce such nail files with an abrasive of different hardness on a fabric or adhesive basis. These nail files can be disinfected and used repeatedly.

How to choose a nail file for manicure?

Be sure to consider the following nuances:

  • which nails will you file – natural or artificial;

  • for what purposes a file is needed – for processing the edge of the nail, the bed near the cuticle, correction.

Depending on the above factors, as well as the quality of the nail plate itself, it is necessary to buy a reusable nail file of a certain shape and with a suitable degree of rigidity.

Reusable nail file: a practical and economical choice for manicure and pedicure

It is possible to order a reusable file not only for the design of nail plates on the hands. Reusable nail files for pedicure are no less relevant, which will help to take care of the heels, the skin of the feet, and the nails on the legs.

Why is the choice of women most often represented by reusable tools? Such accessories are much more economical than disposable analogues (but it should be understood that such a replacement is not always possible). The spraying of reusable nail files is more durable, it is convenient for them to work. After disinfection, the tool can be used again a large number of times.

A nail file for manicure and pedicure from reusable material is a bargain purchase for use at home. Choose the accessories that meet your requirements on the website of the ThePilochki online store and leave a request online. Here you can buy not only a variety of nail files - there are also pliers, shovels, varnishes, cuticle softeners and other means for manicure and pedicure at an affordable price. The order can be made from anywhere in Ukraine – we provide fast delivery throughout the country.